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Our Services

Airport drops and pick-ups : You are our only passenger so we don’t have to come an hour earlier and make multiple stops like the Shuttle.

Medical appointments : We can wait or return when you call us. Our fares are reasonable not to take any chances with trying to drive after you have had a sedation procedure or eye dilatation. We’ll get you there on time, so they can make you wait!

VIP Transports : This could be anyone you need picked up at airport or driven to an event. At PEPPER’s everyone is a VIP!

Document Couriers : When you have time sensitive documents or just need to deliver a gift, give us a call and most likely we can work it into our schedule at a very affordable price.

Local Area Orientation Tours : If you are an out of towner and want to explore the area or specific neighborhoods, we can gladly arrange an itinerary to accommodate your wishes. Get a special quote on half and full day engagements.

Day trips to tourist destinations : Maybe you are in town for a few days, don’t have or want a rental car, but would like to check out local attractions such as Old Town Scottsdale, ASU, Cardinals stadium, Anthem outlets, etc. Just tell us your interest and we can take you there.

Progressive Restaurant Dining & Drinking : This is where you and your companion want to have dinner at one place, go have desert at another and have drinks at both. The DUI enforcement in this area is wicked strong (just ask Charles Barkley)—so don’t take any chances; schedule us to schlep you around and get you home safely.

Golf Course Transport : The Phoenix area has over 200 golf course—each one unique in beauty and degree of difficulty. Don’t hesitate to play one a great distance from your hotel. Our Phoenix car service can take you there without you having to rent a car and struggle with maps and GPS’s.

Real Estate Searches : In town and want to check out the fabulous buys we have on that vacation condo or investment property. Pepper is a licensed real estate agent and can show you different areas and specific properties/communities that meet your profile.

Drive-By Property Inspections w/photos : Absentee owners need to know what the status of their investments are. We can do site visits and document condition of house from outside, vechicles parked, and apparent neglect or abandonment and email back the same day the digital photos.

Asset Documentation : Have a judgment on someone and need to find assets such as cars, boats, RV’s, trailers in or to collect. Give us the assignment and we are good skip tracers and can search for these and other assets and document with time and date stamp on photos.

Interior Ceiling Inspections & Storm Dammage
Our monsoon rains can be brutal to our roofs and if you are away during a storm, you really need someone to check your inside ceilings for water damage. If left unchecked or unattended, serious issues could result including but not limited to mildrew. You trust Pepper with your lives to schlep you to the airport--why not also have him inspect your home after a storm and give you a call if he sees anything that needs immediate attention. Quick response to a water problem can save lots of money and stress. Pepper calls you; you call your insurance agent; agent calls adjuster and service folks to either tarp the leak to prevent further water damage or they repair. In most cases with inside water, insulation needs to be removed and interior dried out which process must be started immediately. Pepper would be happy to add your home to his list of clients he checks every major storm. Any home inspection authorized with an airport transport will be at the discounted rate of $25 per visit.

DUI Service
Of growing interest in the communities we serve is transportation for DUI victims. If you need to get to and from work everyday, meetings or social events, we can negotiate a special contract rate based on the frequency of service. Why take the chance of loosing your license while driving under's not worth the risk. Special discounted rates available for Cave Creek and Carefree residents. Click here for more information on a Designated Driver

Cabin Fever Remedy
Having surgery? Going crazy cooped up in house cause you can’t drive for several weeks and family or friends not always available? Let one of our courteous drivers take you shopping, salon, friend's house, or just a drive in bright, fresh surroundings. Very reasonable rates. Call for a quote.

Shuttle Mode
In situations where several passengers are leaving or arriving at same time and place, it may be suggested that you share the cabin and receive a reduction in your fare.

Monitor Landscape Progress
Many snowbirds lament that they are not here when their plants are in full bloom to view and enjoy the beauty they give to the property. We can solve that for you. Pepper and crew can take pics and send them to you. For a modest $25 per trip fee, you can enjoy the beauty of your landscaping.

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