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  • Airport Drops and Pick-Ups

  • Personal Appointments

  • VIP Transports

  • Document Couriers

  • Local Area Orientation Tours

  • Day Trips

  • Tourist Destinations

  • Restaurant Dining

  • Golf Course Transport

  • Real Estate Searches

  • Property Inspections

  • Asset Photo Documentation

  • Sporting Events

  • DUI Support

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Hourly and Charter Rates
Sky Harbor pick-up or drop off
Williams Gateway/Mesa
Dr.'s Appointments or local transport
Grayhawk to/from Sky Harbor
Transport beyond 40 mile radius of North Scottsdale

All fares quoted are flat rate and one-way unless otherwise indicated at time of confirmation and do not include gratuity unless so quoted

As is typical and customary practice in our industry in this market, a 20% driver gratuity will be added to the quoted fare price. So fares listed above do not included this . If for any reason you do not feel our service/driver warranted the gratuity, we will cheerfully refund it. Each driver is an independent operator and has substantial expenses to deliver their service to you.

Your driver should not be treated any different than a server in a restaurant where you typically tip 15-20% without even thinking....yet all they do is take your order and bring food from kitchen to table. Your driver is responsible for getting you and your loved ones to your destination on time and safely. He has to deal with traffic, and weather while constantly being on the defensive for unsafe drivers----let’s be honest, it’s a jungle out there and your driver deserves your expression of appreciation. Certainly feel free to tip greater than 20% if you wish.

Due to sometimes-unpredictable delays for arrivals, we would appreciate a heads up courtesy call before you board your departure to let us know your new arrival time. This will eliminate dead time waiting.

Any arrival delays longer than 30 minutes on airport pick ups that result in scheduling challenges for the driver may be billed an additional fee of $20-30 unless advance notification is please call us if you know in advance that your flight is going to be late arriving in Phoenix so we can adjust our schedules accordingly. Thank You

For Other Transportation Prices Please Call 602-501-3328

  • Additional fees may apply for transports before 7am and after 11 pm. 
  • Rates are exclusive of any gratuity.
  • Advance Reservations Required
  • *Rates subject to change without notice.


Several of our mini-vans can comfortably seat seven passengers plus driver and lots of luggage.

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