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If any of the above applies to you, we have an opportunity that just might work for you.

Almost nine years ago, Pepper started his own private car service.By all accounts, it has been very successful. In fact so successful that his is continually looking for refer some of his overflow business to other independent operators who can provide the same high levels of car and service to his clients as he does.

Pepper is not looking to hire anyone. This is not a multi-level, or direct marketing business. A franchise is not being promoted. Pepper provides the knowledge and mentoring to facilitate a start-up. Pepper is, however, looking for like-minded individuals (male/female) who, for whatever reason, want to own and operate their own private car service and who:

  • Have clean driving records
  • Have or willing to get suitable insurance coverage
  • Have a suitable vehicle (4door minimum)
  • Like to drive
  • Have excellent customer service skills
  • Have knowledge of the valley & airports
  • Have cell phone & email ability
  • Are able to lift luggage
  • Like people and have outgoing personality
  • Be a non-smoker and vehicle smoke free

    Pepper has formed "YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD CAR GUY NETWORK of ArizonaŽ" which is inviting area private car operators/and or entrepreneurs wishing to start their own service, to apply for membership.

    You should fully recognize the value of networking and exchanging referrals as may be appropriate from time to time. Pepper's motives are truly selfish! We have more business right now than we can handle and it continues to grow. There is enough business in the valley that we don't have to consider each other as competitors.

    Our business model is successful. Our branding is recognizable and effective. Our phone rings.. we book business. Unfortunately, on occasion, we have to turn away business due to schedule restraints and capacity limitations. That's where our coalition partners would create a mutual synergy that benefits both parties.

    As a "Network" member, you own and operate your own business; you maintain your own insurance coverage and you market yourself under your own branding. The "NETWORK" helps with potential co-op marketing, and a sharing of ideas and experiences from which we can all benefit.

    Please keep in mind, our business is not a luxury limo service or town car operation. We found our niche by providing comfortable and AFFORDABLE transportation. We get tons of repeat business and referrals because of who we are---not our rates or the vehicle we drive. We are a boutique business catering to the communities in which we live.

    If you are currently operating or would like to start up your own and our plan sounds appealing and would like more information, we should talk. Give Pepper a call @ 602-501-3328.

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