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PEPPER'S as your Designated Driver

The issue of DUI's in our area
is so important that I have devoted
an entire web page to it



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This is indeed a very fascinating business. I get to meet some very interesting people from all walks of life and all corners of the map. Recently, I transported a lady who commented that she wished she had known me a month earlier.

She was unfortunate enough to have been a resident of Sheriff Joe's Tent City for 15 days. She was allowed to leave everyday for work release but had to hassle to get transportation. She related how horrific the conditions were there and how the law and sentencing is truly equal opportunity---people from all stations in life sharing one big, open tent together.

Well, being the inquisitive type that I am, I went down to Lower Buckeye for a tour of the facility to view first hand just how bad it was. My expectations were exceeded! I was the only one that morning and a training officer was my guide. She was delightful and very informative. I was able to witness the crowded conditions that existed and the communal dining area.

Inmates are not allowed to bring anything in with them to help pass the time of day. No books, magazines, radios, TV's, computers or writing materials. How could anyone live without emails? Visitations are only allowed thru a video screen and microphone. No human contact (touching) is allowed The staff there does a good job, but this is no country club, for sure.

Folks, let me be as plain and direct as I can be.. this isn't any place you want to be!! Trust me. It's degrading, uncomfortable and totally non-private. Above all, it can be avoidable.

So my message is simple. If you know you want to have a few drinks, don't be the driver. Have a designated driver from your group or hire someone. It is not worth the risk of getting stopped and ticketed for a DUI. If it is your first offense, most likely you will be given a work release sentence which means you can get off early in the mornings, but must return at the end of your work day and sleep there. I have several clients who have hired me to provide their transportation needs during their license suspension. There is no air conditioning. Yes, they have big fans on the ceilings in the tents, but they just move the hot air around and consequently, they don't even get turned on.

If this were your fate, best to give Pepper's a call and make arrangements for your daily transportation as your license will be under suspension during this period (and possibly longer). If you get caught driving while under suspension, your license could be permanently revoked, not to mentioned legal fees, family trauma, and career jeopardy.

WHY DRIVE WHEN YOU CAN RIDE?....far cheaper and safer in long run.

Designated Driver Service

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