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  • Airport Drops and Pick-Ups

  • Personal Appointments

  • VIP Transports

  • Document Couriers

  • Local Area Orientation Tours

  • Day Trips

  • Tourist Destinations

  • Restaurant Dining

  • Golf Course Transport

  • Real Estate Searches

  • Property Inspections

  • Asset Photo Documentation

  • Sporting Events

  • DUI Support

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    Up to 7 passengers
    can ride in comfort in
    our new mini-van

    We are always looking for qualified entrepreneurs to join our newly formed “YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD CAR GUY NETWORK of Arizona®". Pepper will be more than delighted to share his business model and how to get started in this business with anyone interested.

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    Drivers in Training
    Pappa Pepper's grandsons Jacob (10) and Bradley (6)
    Max (11 Months)

    Mascot: Miss Molly


    Pepper is a University of Oklahoma graduate and a big Sooner fan. He is a member of OU Club of Arizona and is offering a 15% discount on any service to any other member who can answer OU specific questions, sing Boomer Sooner, or know what a Dinko Darling is!


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PEPPER'S Private Car Service

All airports/medical transports/concerts/sporting events/shopping/happy hours/tours/DUI
Serving Cave Creek, Carefree, Scottsdale, N. Phoenix With Affordable Transportation Options

Pepper Found a Better Way to Fill A Local Need

Your Neighborhood Car Guy Network of Arizona®

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We're not the most expensive or fanciest, but we will get you there on-time, safely and affordably

PEPPER's Offers Affordable Transportation Alternatives

Pepper’s Offers Affordable Transportation Alternatives.

A little over eight years ago, Richard “Pepper” Fisher was looking for a different and better option for local transportation in the Cave Creek area. He had experienced the long waits and crowded vans with multiple stops with the Blue Shuttle. He thought there had to be a better way….and he found it! One day at his Cave Creek condo, a little old lady tapped him on the shoulder at his mail boxes and asked, “Excuse me, but who would you recommend to take us to the airport we are new here”? He thought long and deliberate for about five seconds and responded, “I’ll be happy to take you.” As Paul Harvey used to say….”Now you know the rest of the story” ! The business model Pepper envisioned was one that has resulted from many years of his diversified business experience which loudly shouted sage advice:

* Overhead will kill you
* Biggest does not necessarily mean    best
* Employees mean added liability    exposure (and headaches)
* Keep it simple-stupid!
* People want value and affordability
* People appreciate consistency (same    driver)

Pepper is the founding member of “Your Neighborhood Car Guy Network of Arizona®”, a network of like minded, independent, private car services who subscribe to the same principles of professionalism, customer and community service, and who have forged a relationship for the purpose of expanded marketing and operational effeciency.

Currently, there are nine independent operators in this unique, synergistic group. Our ‘expanded’ fleet gives us much greater flexibility and diversification. We recently transported a family of eleven with tons of baggage and golf clubs utilizing two mini-vans, but we were still much cheaper than other services. On last Halloween night we had five vehicles on assignments simultaneously.

Most of the big transportation companies make their money from leasing the vehicles, radios, and credit card machines to their drivers. Consequently, those drivers must be “rolling” many hours each day/week just to pay for the basics. We certainly don’t poo poo hard work and many hours behind the wheel, but it does have it’s negatives. Just like airline pilots, a driver needs to be wide awake and alert at all times.


Our folks do not service bars in the area waiting outside for last call in the wee hours of the morning Typically, we are at home getting a good night’s rest. We work exclusively by advance reservation only. This may seem like a trivial point but to it is important to us. We choose not to be like “those other guys”. We are not fancy schmancy and high priced-- Just good folks helping good folks!

With our Network, we can service a much wider area. Desert Mountain, Mirabel, Grayhawk, Desert Ridge, Terravita, Winfield, Boulders, all of Scottsdale, North Phoenix, Fountain Hills, Paradise Valley, Glendale are all frequently serviced areas….basically, anywhere you wanna go (and if it does not make economic sense, we will tell you).

With the Phoenix area being a popular vacation, retirement, and second home location, our primary focus is airport transportation to/from both Sky Harbor and Mesa Gateway. Ironically however, our secondary focus is colonoscopies ! Yes, since no procedure will be started unless your driver is in the waiting room, we get lots of calls to take and wait for people undergoing a variety of sedation procedures. We are a lot cheaper than having someone take time off from work to take and wait for you.

Speaking of being cheaper, we have developed very significant DUI support services. DUI enforcement in Maricopa County is the most aggressive in the country. We have a zero tolerance here and contrary to popular perception, you don’t have to be knee walking drunk to get stopped and/or cited. PEPPER’s Private Car Service is far cheaper than a DUI! However, for those who do get a DUI we offer transportation daily for your work release schedule and while under suspension. We’d much prefer taking you to a ball game or concert, but if you need help, we are there for you.

Our motto is: If we are on time, we are late! Traveling is stressful enough; you don’t need to be worrying if your driver will arrive on time.

Give us a call for a quote or to schedule your transportation. We look forward to being your on-board host


Check out “Income Opportunity for more details

Who We Are

PEPPER'S Private Car Service is a locally owned and operated provider of affordable transportation. Whether you need to go to any of the area's airports, be picked up upon return, have guests coming in, or need a round trip ride for that sedation medical procedure, we are available to accommodate you. We love seniors --- Pepper is one himself.

If you are visiting the area and want to avoid a rental car and hassle with directions and traffic, we can take you wherever you wish to go and in some cases wait for you.  Out of town golfers love us because we can take them to any of the area's fine courses without the need of rental cars and GPS!  

We are not a taxi service and do require advance reservations. Cave Creek and Carefee have very strict DUI enforcement, so when you are thinking of going out to celebrate and enjoy the evening, let us drive you around.  Basically, anywhere you wanna go....we can schlepp you (and back)!

Beyond the typical transportation service, we also offer our clients courier service, drive-by home inspections. For landlords we can provide mobile site visits to your property to document the activity and condition of the asset. We are affordable, reliable and convenient. We are there when we say we will be there and get you to your destination safe and on-time.  Give us a call today for a quote on your transportation needs. 

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What is Proper Tip for Driver?

When you go to a restaurant, what do you tip?  Typically 15-20% if the service was good.
Realistically, that waiter only takes your order and brings it to your table. On the other hand, your driver safeguards the life of you and your loved ones. He has risk every time he gets behind the wheel.  He has overhead associated with the transport and must maintain a constant vigil on the road. Is he any less deserving than that waiter?  If he is on time, courteous, friendly and safe—we hope you think not!


PEPPER’s is proud to support and honor our troops with transportation services provided to their family while they are deployed on active duty.  Any military family needing transportation for medical appointments or airport shuttle only need to contact us and share their need.  If we are available, we will gladly provide the necessary transport at no charge. Our young men and women deserve our recognition and appreciation for the job they do to protect our freedoms.  Supporting their families while they make everyday sacrifices is the least we can do.

This is our small way of saying thanks. Pepper challenges other business to step up and do something good for our troops.


We Speak Your Language....... “A”

We have many Canadian clients who head south of the border (theirs) when its cold and snowing. We are a perfect second home spot and affordable getaway for our neighbors. Over the fast five years we have served hundreds of Canadians flying down to both Sky Harbor and Mesa Gateway. We take them to concerts, golfing, sporting events---they love their hockey!

So keep us in mind when you make your flight reservations and book us to pick you up and return you to either of the two airports. We are affordable, friendly, plus we speak your language.....”A” !


How will I find you at the airport?

Answer: First we advise you what door to stand in front of in your terminal once you have collected your bags; ask you to call driver in cell lot and then we advise you Pepper will waive a red hat through his sun roof as he approaches the curb. It’s far easier for you to spot him this way than him to see you in a crowd on the curb. It has worked flawlessly for five years now; we try to keep things simple.

Proud Member of

Battery Dead?

Give me a call and if I am available I'll gladly make a road call to boost/jump start your battery with my new charger unit. We're not trying to compete with AAA or other road service providers, but just want to help our neighbors who find themselves in a bind like I did recently. Anywhere in Cave Creek/Carefree area for $20 PEPPER IS ON WAY !

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